Skorzewski School of Ballet


Call or email about interview and auditions for elite training program today. Skorzewski Ballet focuses on the individual, attention to details and progressive technical development. If your current ballet training is "boring" and not challenging you on a personal level

let me share my approach   

**Limited enrollment to allow for personal attention**

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Summer Session 2018


6:00-7:30 Adult Intermediate OPEN class


12:30-2:30 Level I

2:30-4:30 Level II/III


1:00-1:45 Beginner I

2:30-4:30 Level III + Pointe


11:00-12:00 Beginner II 

12:30-2:30 Level I

2:30-4:30 Level II/III + Pointe

**Additional specialty classes will be added into schedule TBA**

Session Options: 

June 3-week session: June 11th-28th

July 3-week session: July 9th-26th

August 2-week session: August 6th-16th


Beginner I/II = $54 for 3-week session; $36 for 2-week

Level I/II = $216 for 3 week session; $144 for 2-week

Level III = $378 for 3-week session; $252 for 2-week

(All boys receive 50% off tuition rates for ballet program)Updated Second Semester Schedule 

**Call (920) 482-7731 or email: for details regarding classes**


​​Call to schedule an audition to enroll! 


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